Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to create a Succulent Frame

Succulents are a big trend again this year in Weddings and Events or even just decor for your home. They are durable and hearty, fairly inexpensive and overall make a big statement to any event. Create something unique for your Wedding, Party or just for the home! 

What you'll need: 
* Wood, cut to the size of frame you decide (you can use an old frame or purchase an already frame as well)
* 4 L brackets size depending on the size of frame your using ( you only need these if you are making your own frame- if you've purchased or are using an old frame you don't need these) 
* Green Felt
* Cardboard
* Glue Gun
* Frame hardware for hanging
* Assortment of Succulents
* Moss
* Small nails 


1. To create the frame cut your wood to size with angled ends to fit together to make a square or rectangle. Attach with wood glue and/or nails. Finished product below.

2. Attach L brackets for additional stability of the frame.

3. Attach felt to back of frame with glue gun.

4. Cut cardboard to size and attach to the back of the frame with small nails, all the way around the frame. (Tip: Be sure the nails are small and short enough that won't split the wood and poke through to the front of the frame)

5. Add hanging brackets to the top of the frame for easy hanging later on. (Tip: Be sure to do this now, it will be much more difficult to do it later when all the succulents are attached to the front of the frame, you'll risk crushing the plants)

6. Put our all your succulent varieties and start thinking of your design plan. Remove larger succulent flowers from their pots and cut the blooms off the stem so you can easily glue them flat to the frame.

7. Arrange and hot glue gun moss around the edges of the frame and blobs scattered in the middle of the frame as well. You will add more moss later to cover any felt showing after all the succulents are attached. It's good to have a combination of colors and sizes of succulents for variety in depth and texture.

8. Start arranging your succulents on the frame (DON'T GLUE YET). Lay out your general design before gluing so you don't have to remove them later. Once you've figured your general design start gluing the succulents to the felt and moss. Use a generous amount of glue on the bottom of the plant and press gently down onto the felt. Press down for approximately 30 seconds or until glue is dry to stay attached. 
(Tip: You may need to glue some of the petals of the succulents to the felt if they droop when you stand the frame up)

9. Continue this process until the frame is filled with all the succulents it can fit and you are happy with the design.

Hang it at your Wedding, Event or Party! Use colorful ribbon to hang it or attach it to something. This one was used as the start of the aisle for the Wedding Ceremony. Then later at the reception as the Bride and Groom's chair backs. 

You can hang several of them or one large one as a backdrop to an Altar or do smaller ones as a centerpiece for a table. Make one to hold your escort cards or attach wish cards as a guest book to it. There are endless possibilities and your guests will be very impressed and the uniqueness and creativity this brings to your event.

This photo provided by: Jenny Jiminez Photography


This project is for short term use only. If you want to create a hangable succulent garden that will last for a long time to come. Check out this how to here: http://www.luna-see.com/2010/11/diy-tutorial-vertical-framed-succulent.html 

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